I love color and design.  It delights my senses, stimulates my mind, and moves my soul.  I became a designer to pursue this love affair.  Not a day goes by when I'm not awed by an amazing color phenomenon or blown away by the sheer beauty of it.

Color and design has the power to enhance our everyday lives, and make them extraordinary.  This passion I want to share with all.

As a Color & Design Consultant, my mission is to help you create a meaningful, beautiful, and functional space, to reflect your personality and lifestyle.   It's a fun and creative endeavor, and I will guide you through the process.

I offer both ONSITE, VIRTUAL, and PHONE consultations.

My work spans from the East Coast to the West Coast, and ranges from large renovation projects to one room consultations.    All my projects are important and have my commitment to excellence.

With an Interior Design degree from Parsons School of Design and over 20 years of experience, feel confident I have the expertise to help you color and design your world.

My fees are custom depending on the scope of the work.  Kindly contact me for details.

Cathleen Davidson