September 10, 2015

Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints - JV Violet

Honored to specify Ellen Kennon's JV VIOLET paint color for a Darien, Connecticut color consultation.

The color is fresh and modern, yet timeless enough to blend beautifully with traditional New England architecture.

Ellen Kennon Paints JV VIOLET Walls
by Cathleen Davidson

Purple hues are all the rage lately, and JV Violet has just the right amount of purple personality.

JV Violet is a rich, vibrant, and calming color - all at the same time.

Color design is all about relationships, and with the right combinations, JV Violet can act as a versatile neutral to showcase pops of bold color.   Love the whimsical play of the citrus orange chairs against the violet field.  

Shout out to Ellen Kennon's full spectrum paints - the quality and colors are awfully special.  You can see, and feel, the color brilliance on the walls.

Wow.  The magic of color.

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