September 8, 2015

Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF-490

Tranquility is tranquil.  Period!

It's one of my favorite Benjamin Moore colors for a serene and peaceful feeling.   Tranquility is in the Affinity Collection.

Benjamin Moore TRANQUILITY AF-490 walls

And what a versatile color.  I have specified Tranquility for all sorts of different spaces and style homes. Living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even a funeral parlor lobby.   The color has a lot of substance and depth.   And it goes fabulous with black marble.

Benjamin Moore TRANQUILITY AF-490 walls

Now color changes with context, so always test colors in the actual space to make sure it's a match made in heaven.

Tranquility is a green-blue gray.   I have seen tranquility lean more green in some spaces yet lean more blue in other spaces.   And it can change in the same space depending on the time of day, as color tends to do.

Tranquility - a sophisticated spa color that is soothing and serene.   Do explore this beautiful color.    

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