August 24, 2015

Glass Tile Backsplash Modern Spin for Traditional Cabinets

Go dramatic with a dark glass tile backsplash...

This color and material consultation was for a Kitchen Cabinet Showroom display.   My mission - to select a tile backsplash and hardware that would put a modern spin on the traditional cabinets.

The cabinets are stained a rich and bold color, so I wanted a powerful backsplash to make a statement.

It is a long display with a lot of wall to be tiled.   My solution -  a dark gray glass tile in a modern size 2x16.

I love dark glass tile because it acts as a mirror and reflects light.   Yet the dark hue defines the space powerfully and gives it a masculine sensibility.   And the dark glass tiles provide dramatic contrast with the granite counterop.

Notice the black metal hardware I selected to reinforce the overall masculine theme.

When you get up close to the tile, you can see how gray it really is.  As you move further away from the tile, the color reads almost black.  

Another example of the powerful and ever changing dynamics of color to transform a space.

Got to love color.  I do.  :))

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