August 15, 2015

Benjamin Moore NORMANDY 2129-40 Paint Color Kitchen & Family Room Makeover

Benjamin Moore NORMANDY 2129-40

Normandy 2129-40 is in Benjamin Moore's Preview collection.   Dark gray paint color with dusty blue undertones evoking a beautiful and seasoned European experience.  

I love this whole strip of seven colors -  from the light Silver Cloud down to the deep Midnight Dream. Normandy falls in the middle.   Not too light, not too dark, just perfect.  

Benjamin Moore Normady 2129-40

My design enthusiast client had a confident vision of the look she wanted for her open plan kitchen and family room makeover.  She contacted me for a color consultation to help bring it all together.

The kitchen cabinets were custom painted by a talented artisan.    We choose Normandy 2129-40 for the walls to blend in seamlessly with the cabinets.  And new window treatments were selected to echo the color palette.  

Everything else in the kitchen stayed the same.   Perfect example of how you don't have to gut an entire kitchen in good condition to change it's personality.    (The existing cabinets were a traditional dark wood stain.)  

A sensational kitchen and family room makeover!  Ahh, once again, the power of paint to evoke beautiful spaces astounds.  

But remember, it's all about the relationships of colors to each other that matters, and color changes with context.   So if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me.  Always my pleasure to consult and help color your world.   

Listed below the fabulous colors from the strip where Normandy lands between.   

Benjamin Moore Silver Cloud 2129-70

Benjamin Moore Mt Rainier Gray 2129-60

Benjamin Moore Winter Lake 2129-50

Benjamin Moore Normandy 2129-40

Benjamin Moore Blue Note 2129-30

Benjamin Moore Soot 2129-20

Benjamin Moore Midnight Dream 2129-10

Do explore this strip of colors - they are stunning.  

Happy coloring and don't hesitate to contact me if you need color advice.   I am available for on-site as well as virtual consultations.  And always my pleasure to help color your world.

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