October 19, 2014

Dramatic Kitchen with Fusion Quartzite, Dark Gray Glass Tile, Cherry Wood Cabinets

A kitchen is the heart and soul of a home.   It takes a lot of passion and patience to create a dream kitchen.   Kitchen designs are complex and there are a lot of choices.   But if you go step by step in the color and design process, as this homeowner did, the result will be spectacular.

Cathleen Davidson  Color & Design Kitchen Consultation in Westchester County

This kitchen consultation was fun, thanks to the homeowners' colorful personalities that adore warm and vibrant decor.  I knew this kitchen would not be white - no way! 

And they planned the design with relentless enthusiasm, detail, and precision.   The homeowner even drafted his own drawings, and analyzed every inch of storage space to perfection.   We made an awesome team - together we took their kitchen dreams and turned it into reality.   

Now below is a photo of their front facade so you can appreciate the color and style of the home.  A good kitchen design relates to the architecture.   This kitchen looks and feels like it belongs in this house.

The homeowners hired a custom cabinet maker and I must say he did an outstanding job.  A cabinet maker allows for total freedom in design.  The cabinets are spaced as evenly as possible for a modern sensibility.  We even had some of the base doors look like drawers (but open as doors) for aesthetics.   

Custom Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

The countertop was a challenge.   The island was tremendous, and choosing a stone the client absolutely loved was vital.  Visited several stone yards until we found the winner - Fusion Quartzite - a dramatic stone quarried from mother earth.   

Fusion is nature's artwork.   And the homeowners are art lovers, so I was not surprised they fell in love with this stone.  

Fusion Quartzite Kitchen Countertop

In my step by step design process, the backsplash is chosen last, preferably after the countertop is installed.    The backsplash is the finishing touch - and will make or break the kitchen design.   

Now the homeowner "thought" they wanted a light neutral backsplash tile, however, I envisioned a dark dramatic tile that could hold its own to the bold palette.   And dark backsplashes do an excellent job of camouflaging clutter on countertops.  So we needed to view both in the space.

I am happy to share my favorite local resource for tile .... Kasia Mazurek at Rye Ridge Tile in Port Chester NY.  Her email is kasiam@ryeridgetile.com.  I can always count on her to help me select the perfect backsplash.  Kasia is exceptional and I recommend her highly - she knows her inventory well,  has a talented design eye, and is always a pleasure to work with.  

So we visited Kasia, and brought back two tiles to the job site - a dark gray glass tile, and a beige glass tile (see photo below of tiles on back of countertop).

View backsplash tile in the actual space

There was no competition, no debating, no choice, because the dark gray was stunning.  Period.

And the dark gray undertones went perfect with the Fusion stone.   A match made in heaven - as is always the goal.  My clients loved the dark gray tile concept.  And the deal was done.

Once again, Kasia at Rye Ridge Tile was instrumental in helping us achieve this vision by recommending this tile.   Bravo Kasia, and thank you!

choosing glass tile backsplash with quartzite countertop

Notice in the two photos below, how the glass tile sometimes looks gray, and other times almost black, depending on the light, time of day etc.  

And note the glass is great for bouncing light around as its reflective surfaces echoes a mirror, adding more dimension, bling and interest to the kitchen.

Dark Gray Glass Tile Backsplash
Dark Gray Glass Tile Backsplash

Great team work.  Mission accomplished again.  The homeowners love their new kitchen - not only because it looks and functions beautifully, but because it is a reflection of their personality and lifestyle, and has meaning to them.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help creating your dream kitchen.  I do on-site as well as Internet consultations.   It's always my pleasure, and my passion, to help you color and design your world.

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