September 9, 2014

Benjamin Moore Coastline Blue AF-570 Paint Color at Mama's Boy Southern Table & Refuge

I love color, and food.   So when a friend called for color advice for her new restaurant - I was crazy busy, but had to go.

She had an exciting plan to transform her new restaurant from ugh to fabulous.    And that she did.

The restaurant is Mama's Boy Southern Table & Refuge located in South Norwalk, Ct. across from the aquarium.

Mama's Boy Southern Table & Refuge  (even the name is brilliant)  gets rave reviews, and well deserved.   Authentic experience.  Charmingly rustic.  Drop dead delicious food.  All with a southern flair and hospitality.
Mama's Boy Southern Table & Refuge
Walls Benjamin Moore Coastline AF-0570

Now back to  color... 

After observing and listening to her concept, I immediately saw a coastal blue on the walls with spicy red accents.

A blue with enough saturation to be vibrant, yet dusty enough to hold its own to the rustic theme.

And the red had to feel spicy - with a dose of hot pink to make it sassy.

I pulled out my collection of color boards, and together we selected a smokey blue and sassy red.

We both felt confident with the colors, so I left the boards taped on the existing wall for her to contemplate.  Must view color at different times of the day to get to know its personality.  Yes, color has personality, just like people, but that's another post.

Notice below the original walls!  Wow, what a transformation.

Blue Paint Board Benjamin Moore Coastline AF-570
Red Paint Board Benjamin Moore Moroccan Spice AF-285

When the restaurant opened, and I returned, I was delighted to see the coastal blue and spicy red made the final color palette.   Benjamin Moore Coastline AF-570 is the beautiful blue on the walls.  And the red color in the stools and chair cushions are close to Benjamin Moore Moroccan Spice AF-285.

Mama's Boy Southern Table & Refuge
Walls Benjamin Moore Coastline AF-570

And I was impressed with everything.  Color and design is about relationships of the elements, and she did an excellent job of bringing it all together with her creative vision.

Mama's Boy Southern Table & Refuge is colorful, not only in decor and food, but the entire experience.   There is a fun spirited vibe that permeates the place, beckoning all to feel at home, and join in the revelry.  Do go and be delighted.

Cheers, y'all!

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