July 31, 2014

Farrow's Cream Paint Color by Farrow & Ball

Absolutely love this paint color called Farrow's Cream from Farrow & Ball.  Specified it for a kitchen paint color consultation in Stamford Connecticut.

The creamy yellow has a sophisticated warmth like the glow of the sun.  Farrow's Cream is a traditional and timeless color that is versatile enough to use with many styles, even modern.   It's a cheerful color that feels inviting and welcoming.

Farrow & Ball Farrows Cream

Farrow's Cream is a color that will put you in good spirits when you are drinking your coffee early in the morning trying to wake up.

It's an optimistic color to brighten your mood all day long.

And in the evening, well, it's just a sheer joy to be around.  

Yes, that is how I would describe Farrow's Cream.

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