February 6, 2011

Natural Paint Color Palette for Homes on River

I did a color consultation for Gyesky Devolopment and Design project of 4 homes located smack on the beautiful Miamus River in Cos Cob Connecticut.

Breathtaking water views, natural landscaping, earthy stone, and tall trees surround the homes.

Love how the water and trees are reflected in the windows and doors in the picture below.

As always, the Gyesky signature fine woodwork flows throughout.

Contrasting light and dark colors, play of textures, architectural details of height changes and protruding/receding spaces, echo the natural elements of the outside terrain.

Because the homes are enclosed in Mother Nature's glory, natural colors like muslin and linen, earthy taupes, warm wood, stones and metals, were chosen to harmonize with its environment.

Notice how boldly the rainforest marble countertop brings the outdoors into one of the master bathroom suites.

These pictures were taken when the job was still under construction during the colorful fall.  Looking forward to visiting the site, and taking new ones before this incredible snow disappears!

I can only imagine how awesome it would feel to be sitting on this stone dock wrapped warmly in my cozy wools, sipping a hot chocolate, listening- watching- experiencing this wintery white wonderland.


  1. This home is just awesome. I agree it would be great sitting out looking at the water and drinking hot chocolate!!

  2. Holy toledo those homes are gorgeous! Great work Cathleen!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments Alicia & Amanda!