July 31, 2010

Snowy White Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Yep!  That is a real cat sitting on the counter!

I designed this kitchen for a homeowner who is a fashion designer with a keen sense of design.  She is quintessentially Finnish, although she has lived in Rye, New York for quite some time.

We were a great design team and after it was done, became close friends.

The homeowner wanted painted white cabinets, but desired a clean crisp look.  Cold and warm at the same time. (kind of like the Finnish!)

 I recommended a snow white paint on mdf (medium density fiberboard) cabinets instead of regular painted wood cabinets.  When you paint on mdf, the surface is super smooth and crisp and lends to a more contemporary feel. 

The white cold color cabinets were offset by the use of the warm stone tile and granite on the counter and back-splash.

The wood flooring, which flows through the entire home, adds to the earthy warmth of the kitchen.

Stainless steel range hood and appliances, and brushed nickel hardware, give the kitchen its pizazz.

 The granite is honed cohiba (one of my all time favorites).  The back-splash is slate tiles with a medium gray grout.  (Note - if a lighter grout was used it would have too busy of a pattern, and looked too country for our concept)

This kitchen design is a good example of visual balance.  Cabinets do not have to be symmetrical.  Harmony can be achieve through symmetry or asymmetrical plans, as long as visual balance is created.

I love how the glass pull-up cabinet to the right of the stove looks.  Everything works in unison without being so matchy.  (is that a word!)

There is so much going on in this compact kitchen, but it is designed so all the parts equal a whole.  A whole cohesive carefully planned piece of work.

Oh ,,,  except the cat.  He was certainly a surprise.

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