July 29, 2010

Glass Block Drama in Master Bathroom Concept

Mediocrity is not an option with good designers.

Every problem has a solution.

Every project has the wow potential.
Consulted for a new Master Bedroom Suite in a contemporary home.  Due to the floor plan, the entry had to open up into a long, narrow, dark hallway.

Unacceptable!  No entry should be boring,

By thinking outside the box, I was able to conceive a dynamic space that made the entrance exciting, and transformed the hallway into a vital focal point.

I knew I needed to use light, reflection, and an architectural statement to make the space come alive.

Hence, my idea for the glass block shower wall emerged.

When you open the entry door into the suite, you are greeted by this beautiful glass wall.

Notice how the natural light from the bathroom windows shine through the glass block to brighten up the hallway.

And on the other side of the glass block wall, is a large custom shower that glistens and sparkles.

The stone tile in the bathroom appears on every wall, and is repeated on the outside wall.

A large Japanese inspired wood door slides over the stone.

The sliding door is not only a visual statement, but when open, functions brilliantly to widen the space, and unite the hallway and bathroom into a usable area.  (The closets are located directly across from the sliding door).

Now for my favorite part.  

At night, the light in the bathroom shines through the glass block, creating a sculptural dramatic effect.



  1. you can use glass paint in master bathroom to make it more beautiful.

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