March 12, 2010

Paint Color Consultation & Spec Homes

As a designer with a construction background, I was excited to recently work with an exceptional Builder in Connecticut for several of their exquisite spec houses.

Choosing paint colors for new construction of a spec house is challenging. 

There are many arbitrary factors that must be considered.  Without existing furniture and decor, there are fewer boundaries that dictate the result.  A spec house has no homeowner, and therefore no personal qualities.

A color designer must be a wizard and use their talent and skills to create a magical solution that appeals to a broad range of color decor and styles, as well as buyers.

As always, flow of color from room to room in important; the colors must compliment the existing architecture and fixed finishes; and the colors must be aesthetically beautiful.

The palette must please a wide audience, yet be original and autonomous enough to be distinctive and educe the wow response.

The main rooms should be have a nondescript and neutral sensibility. Dining rooms and powder rooms can have some dramatic colors, and the kitchen, one of the most important spaces in a home today, should be someplace in-between.
Color design is a balancing act.  One wrong move, and the show is over. 

So hiring a designer with knowledge and understanding of the complex nuances of color, will assure the end product is not only stunning, but will elicit a dream home response in many different types of buyers. 

Will post more pictures when construction all completed!

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