March 11, 2010

Raving Paint Color

I have chosen my profession with a passion to create beautiful spaces with meaning. 

There is no greater compliment than a happy client.

I strive for raving fans!

The following is a recommendation letter.  Bobby & Nishtha were a pleasure to work with. 

Recommendation for Cathleen Davdson
(Color Consulting)
by Bobby & Nishtha Chopra

Very few people enjoy their job and take pride in their work. Cathleen is one of those few who strive to ensure their clients are not just satisfied but overjoyed. She brings a deep insight into the design process, which is evident of someone with years of professional experience.

We had trouble choosing the colors for our condo. Moreover, we were concerned if the colors would be an eyesore. We needed help but were nervous about getting outside assistance. Could anyone comprehend our sense of style? Could they choose colors without compromising our existing artwork? Needless to say Cathleen exceeded our expectations. She spent time understanding the flow of our condo, asked us about our preference and fully understood what we wanted on our walls. She patiently explained the different principles of color theory and never dismissed our questions, no matter how silly. Rather than just describing colors, she had foot long painted squares to show how the colors would look on the wall. This technique saved us so much in terms of time and money.

Cathleen was tremendously patient and supportive, even when we changed our color palette more than once. She worked around our time and was never an inconvenience. She was always smiling and was happy to help us. If you have no idea of color, Cathleen can find the colors that you want. If you already know your colors, then Cathleen will point out if they flow or if they are inconsistent. In short, you WILL NOT be disappointed if you hire Cathleen.

We really are grateful to Cathleen. It is because of her that we receive so many complements. In fact, the colors accentuate our paintings and sculptures and they get appreciated so much more. The painters were impressed by the choice of colors and they stopped in their tracks in awe, when they saw the walls adorned with the artwork. That was definitely our biggest complement. By now you should know that any praise for Cathleen will fall short. We sincerely hope you will be gratified with her work, as we have. I assure you that she will do her best to ensure you are completely satisfied. She really takes tremendous pride in her profession.  

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