December 13, 2009

Color Paint Boards at Home Show

As colorful costumes enchanted the streets on Halloween weekend, I was busy showing off my painted color boards at the Westchester County Center Home Show.

I have hundreds of painted 12" x 12" boards for ease of color selection.

Small paint chips are helpful in choosing a scheme, but color must be viewed in larger doses in order to understand the colorful result.

How many times have you picked a paint color from a small chip to be shocked after the entire wall was painted!

Relax. You are not alone. There is nothing wrong with your eyes. It is a visual and scientific fact.

Color is alive.

Color is dynamic and must be seen in context with everything else.
As nature evolves and adapts, so does color.

Color changes through the day, and is affected by many variables such as lighting, texture, reflections, and other color and design elements.

So when I pick out paint colors, I always work with actual paint boards on site. The boards are viewed in the day, night, at different heights, and on different walls.

Combining this process with my design expertise takes all the stress out of color selection, and it becomes an artistic and exciting experience.

My boards were a hit at the Home Show! I loved watching people grab their favorite color, get delighted, and smile.

If you are interested in coloring your world with beautiful designs and meaningful spaces, I am available at Cathleen Davidson Design Studio Inc.

Remember, color has the power to individualize your surroundings, reflect your personality, and make your home ... extraordinary.

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